For over 110 years, the House of Guerlain has been perpetuating the tradition of Muguet, a luxurious occasion that celebrates the arrival of Spring. Each year, a limited and numbered edition pays tribute to the lily-of-the-valley’s little good-luck charmbell.

The 2020 Millésime celebrates the rebirth of nature by gracing the iconic Bee Bottle with flowers: a floral and poetic adornment designed by the Maison Massillon—French jewellers specialising in porcelain and 24-carat gold-plated wire—elegantly unfurls over the rounded dome of the bottle.

To take the fragrance with you in all circumstances, the bottle comes with a perfumed drop, draped in a white leather sheath.

A good-luck limited and numbered edition (4 427 pieces available worldwide).


Behind the Scenes

Le Muguet


The fresh and floral fragrance blossoms with a beautifully enhanced lily of the valley note with nuances of bergamot, jasmine and rose that herald the warm weather to come.

Top notes: green notes
Heart notes: note of lily of the valley, lilac
Base notes: rose, jasmine


Green notes, lily of the valley note, rose, jasmine

Perfumer secrets

Every year since 2006, Muguet Eau de Toilette has been showcased in a bottle beautifully enhanced by the work of an artisan to become an exceptional piece.

This year, Maison Massillon, a French designer of porcelain jewellery, is gracing the iconic Bee Bottle with flowers. Alizée and Chloé, the founding sisters and designers, handcraft exceptional, unique and timeless pieces using pure white biscuit porcelain and 24k gold-plated wire.

Opening their petals to welcome exquisite bees, luminous sprigs of immaculate, blossoming flowers are gilded with slivers of gold leaf, bringing the final touch to this masterpiece of meticulous and refine craftsmanship.

The Dames de Table of the Guerlain Ateliers adorn the bottle with this precious finery, crowning the piece with a thin gold thread around the neck of the bottle and a label at its heart.

It adorns the Bee bottle, at the heart of which lies the fragrance Muguet, reinterpreted by Thierry Wasser in 2016 in a natural, modern version.