Guerlain captures in a perfume all the freshness and subtlety of its mythical Météorites. Another distinguishing feature of these little multicoloured powder pearls, which reveal the beauty of every woman, is their delicate violet fragrance.

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s master perfumer, reworked the violet in all its facets: from its green notes to its woody base, and even its powdery accents. The fragrance opens with apple for a fruity, slightly sharp note, while rose and violet fuse in a floral bouquet which is delightfully revealed through sensual white musk.


Powdry, fruity, floral.

Top notes: bergamot, apple note, green notes
Heart notes: rose, violet
Base notes: white muscs, woody notes


Apple notes, violet, white muscs

Perfumer secrets

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s master perfumer, sought to recapture their trademark soft, seductive scent by entering the Météorites pearl workshop for the very first time.?